In March of this year, 2018, I was invited to be part of an exclusive mastermind program.  Emily Parsons Dyer, local entrepreneur, business woman, and leader, created a program for like-minded business people in our community, with the desire to grow other businesses, to teach lessons that she had learned the long way herself, and to get people on the next level of their business.

The Next Level Mastermind program turned out to be the the push I needed. I hadn’t even started with Cambium Furniture when Emily approached me, but she knew that with the proper tools, she would bring to life the dreams and hopes I had for my future life. Without the lessons, the intensives, the interactions with my new tribe, my dream of Cambium would have taken years to gain traction, and even in these short few months, I’ve achieved more than I would have thought possible.

Having a tribe, a support group, or community of like-minded individuals is essential. Luckily for me, the women in my tribe are powerhouses. The fact that we have a secure and safe place to speak freely with one another is liberating. We learn from eachother, laugh and grow together. Grow your own network of incredible people that move you, people that you can talk and relate to, and people that inspire you to do the work.


The hardest part is the beginning, so start today.

October 17, 2018

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