What are the benefits with connecting with a local maker? When we’re buying furniture or decor, we usually go the way of online shopping or big box stores.
  So what are the real benefits of buying from a local craftsman?  Below I’ve listed off 4 of many reasons that you will be benefited when you purchase a unique, custom piece.

  1. Custom design.  You have style, and you don’t have to compromise it based on availability.
    Working with a modern maker, you can have a piece that appeals to you and works with your space both stylistically and functionally. Your home, workspace, or business is an extension of you.  An artisan can work with you to create these unique pieces, from design to the finished product.
  2. Quality control. Big  box stores offer selection and availability, but they do so cheaply.
    The benefit of working with an artist will give you a variety of materials, and also superior joinery techniques. Each piece created is a direct representation of that maker, so the care to attention and strength is always a top priority.
  3. A real connection. Makers care about their clients. We want you to enjoy the piece, and when a result is a happy and glowing client, we are fulfilled. You’ll gain an appreciation for the materials, for the techniques, and also for the maker.
  4. Supporting your community. When you hire a local maker, that money goes back into the community. I’m a huge supporter of local businesses, restaurants and other artists, so even my beer, home goods, produce and meat are mostly purchased locally!

There really are many benefits to supporting your local bespoke makers. You’ll know where the finished product comes from, what materials and time has been put into it, and what you’re left with is a timeless piece that can be used for generations.  We’re all unique, and our spaces should be too.

March 7, 2018

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