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I started Cambium Designs when I realised I needed a change, something fulfilling in my life. I’ve always enjoyed woodworking and creating beautiful pieces with my own hands, but I had always seen it as a hobby and not anything that I could profit or rely on. I have, however, found that with a supportive husband, a strong female community and tons of encouragement from family and friends, I could actually make it a possibility.

I’ve been surrounded my entire life by builders and makers. My father is a carpenter by trade, and his attention to detail and durability are second to none. My mother has an excellent eye for style and design, and she has never tackled a home reno too big for her. Being surrounded by talent and experience has definitely given me an advantage over the years, but I make a morning ritual of watching videos and reading how-to’s in order to improve my technique and understanding daily.

The first piece of furniture I really made on my own (outside of schooling) was a coffee table. It turned out great (in my opinion at the time), and it fit perfectly in our new home. I had an issue when we finally decided we needed a dining room set; our dining area was so small that regular sized tables and chairs did not fit, or custom orders were too expensive for us at the time. The solution? Invest in a tablesaw and materials and make your own dining set. Luckily, I had some hand-me-down chairs, but with the help of trial and error and online videos, I designed and built my own trestle dining table with a bench that doubles as extra storage. Now we have a beautiful custom dining set that fits perfectly in our home (and it all came in under budget even with the table saw!)! The picture is when I first set up our tiny dining area in 2015!

I’ve made many pieces of furniture since then, but it was really where I realised that I actually can build beautiful and functional pieces that will last. I hope to make a career out of creating some day, but in the meantime, I invest my hours on weekends and weeknights to improving my craft.




January 24, 2018

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